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Psia Lapa

My name is VITARA - but my love owners called me AZA. I was born 08.03.2003.
I love everybody - I have won my owners hearts, I'm liked by neighbours - I could also love you - my heart is huge!!

This is my short biography in photos.

Sweet puppy School children I grow up Champion

My achievements:

Polish Junior Champion.
Polish Champion.
Polish Winner 2004.
Polish Winner 2005.

9 x BOS, 4 x BOB, 5 x CWC, 3 X CACIB also.

I have finished:

1. Traning of basic obedience.
2. Traning of obedience + olfactory work.

Surely, my Owner will take a part with me in hunting tests.

[Rozmiar: 1393 bajtˇw]   Click here... !   My first hunting training.
Biskupin August 2005

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

M│. Ch. Pl., Ch. Pl. VITARA Virgo Vestalis

Sex : Bitch
Birth date : 08.03.2003
Number of registration : 7229/X/03
Nr PKR : VIII - 12296
Tatoo : 016P
Height : 48 cm
Weight: 21 kg
Health tests : Optigen B
Dysplasy HD A and ED O/O
test nr 123/2005 - 13.12.2005
Dr hab. Marek Nowicki prof. UWM

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